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Pilgrim Hats

3 Nov

Okay, it’s a new month. November!

This means that the holiday season is here, wether you are ready or not.

Turkeys, pumpkins, the fall colors, eating, eating and more eating! All of this comes along with the wonderful season!

There are many many recipes that go with Thanksgiving. I thought I would start out with something that is quick and easy. This recipe is perfect for the kids. It will put them in the Thanksgiving mood.

This recipe is so easy to make and it will keeps the little kiddies occupied for awhile.

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Jell-O Worms

1 Nov

How do you feel about worms? Does gross, slimy and disgusting come to mind? I’m sure those are just a few ways as to how you might describe a worm.

What if I described them to you a tasty, fruity and delicious? Would you think I am crazy? Don’t say yes so quick!

These worms that are created from jello are tasty and delicious, but they look very real! They look like they have texture to them, they look slimy and they have the same color!

These worms are perfect to play a joke on someone he he. Be prepared someone doesn’t play this trick on you!

**Keep in mind that the worms take a little effort to make, but  they are worth it. Plan to make these at least a day ahead of time.

Follow the recipe below:

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Wicked Witch of the West

18 Oct

I don’t know about you, but witches just bring out the Halloween attitude in me. Seeing a scary witch in stores along with all the other Halloween decorations makes me excited! The wickedness and evilness that comes from witches is so fun when it comes to this time of year. Although I do wish we could fly on brooms and make potions :), I know that won’t be happening anytime soon. This year, instead of you being made into a potion and being eaten by a witch, how about you switch it up on the witches. You can make a tasty treat out of witches by baking some cupcakes and decorating them! Just Follow the recipe below. Keep in mind this is for people who have a little experience with baking or just challenge yourself!

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