Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Kayla Goularte. I am a fun person with a lot of willingsness to try new things.

As I am getting older, I have felt the need to be a little more domestic. I have always been in a home with my family and had my mom cooking and baking delicious food and sweets. She always tried to have me watch her and learn to cook and bake, yet I never quite had an interest. Now, since I am in my twenties, I feel that I should expand outside of my box and try to learn. The one thing I did take a little bit of interest in was baking, which is why I am making a baking blog.

I plan on teaching myself to learn how to bake, but not just ordinary chocolate chips cookies. I am learning and teaching everyone to how to make cute, fun and creative edible treats! Treats that look so good you almost do not want to eat them!

Although I am not the best baker, I feel that taking this step will be a good way to put me in the kitchen and begin my journey of discovering the ways of food. I hope to leanr a lot and I hope you can learn from me as well!


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